Life after GCSE Results Day – How to get a plan when you haven’t got one!

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Not sure what to do after your GCSEs?

Good decisions are informed decisions. Find out what you can about yourself and your options now and you will come up with a plan. 

Follow these steps:

Know yourself. 
Do you know what interests you, what you’re good and not so good at? 
Does cookery set your pulse racing?  Are you good at understanding how computers work? 

Think about what you want to do.
Think about any career plans you’ve had before.  They might not be silly. 
If you’re struggling for ideas, look at careers leaflets or take the Ideas Quiz at

Talk it through.
Bounce your ideas off other people to see what they think.  Your parents and teachers know you well and have valuable life experience– use it!  You might also find talking to a friend helpful. 
But remember!  It is your career, your decision!

Research, research and research some more!
Learn more about careers you are interested in.  Find out about:

  • the job;
  • the skills needed;
  • how to get in; and
  • job prospects at the moment.

You can do this by speaking to someone doing the job you are interested in or online at

Check out prospectuses.
Read school and college prospectuses.  Talk to tutors.  Find out:

  • what they want from you at the start, such as qualifications;
  • course content;
  • what you could do afterwards; and
  • what others have done since doing the course. 

Think wider. 
Know all your options.  Things you hadn’t already thought of could be just right for you. 

Get further advice.
Contact a Careers Adviser via our new webchat service or by phone on 0800 028 4844. 

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