Key stage 3 years 7/8

Build your own Picture Reveal Game

Picture Reveal

Picture Reveal is based on a very simple idea where students test their ability to identify an event, a sign, a person, a place or a job, in fact any image, as it is uncovered. Here you can find an example, instructions and a template that allows you to build your own picture reveals.

Microsoft Word file How to build a Picture Reveal

Microsoft PowerPoint file Picture Reveal example

Microsoft PowerPoint file Picture reveal template


Can you name this job? Powerpoint activities SET 1

Picture Reveal image

SET 1 Includes 8 sets of 3 different picture reveals and instructions on how to use the activity. The teacher exposes one square at a time - and students try to guess what job is behind the boxes before all the squares disappear. Built using the Picture Reveal template also available on the site - great for warm-up/ice breaker sessions. SET 1 uses pictures more suitable for younger learners - possibly years 7 and 8.

zip file Can you name this job? SET 1



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The Buzz is an exciting collection of interactive techniques developed with teachers, leaders and students which informs and inspires young people to make positive life choices.

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Futurelab is an independent not-for-profit organisation that is dedicated to transforming teaching and learning, making it more relevant and engaging to 21st century learners through the use of innovative practice and technology. Some really interesting ideas for using developing IT in the classroom. Lots of links within the site to other IT learning websites and resources. Also includes some useful IT tools for teacher planning, management and personal development.