Courses (KS4)

Courses icon Courses allows Professionals in your school or college to Create, Edit, Archive or Delete courses for use in the following applications: 

• Free Choice Survey
• Options
• Learning Pathway Plan
• Local Curriculum Offer

All qualifications confirmed as part of the Local Curriculum Offer will be accessible via reports and will be published on the Welsh Government website from 2013. Please ensure that all data confirmed is accurate.

Click on the ‘Add Course’ button to get started.

You can create a course without adding a qualification by clicking 'Add other course'. You will not be able to confirm courses without a qualification as part of the Local Curriculum Offer.

To ensure that your KS4 and 16-18 local curriculum report calculates the correct Choice please update the number of Pathways for which a qualification is used. For example, WJEC Level 1/Level 2 GCSE in Art and Design may be used for 'Ceramics', 'Textiles' and 'Photography'. In this instance, please indicate a 3 next to the relevant qualification. To update a value, click the number you wish to change and select a new value from the drop down menu. The new value will save automatically.


View Welsh Government Guidance for the 2020-2021 Curriculum Offer


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