Do's and Don'ts of choosing your course or subjects



Choose a course or subjects you enjoy
Choose a course or subject because your friend is taking it - you may not be good at it or enjoy it, giving you less chance of success

Choose a course or subjects that you are good at
Reject a course or subject because you think it’s ‘for girls’ or ‘for boys’ -there’s no such thing

Find out which course or subjects you need if you have a chosen career in mind
- Explore Jobs A-Z to find out what courses or subjects are helpful for different careers
Choose or reject a course or subject because you either like or dislike the teacher
– the teacher may change

Keep your options open by making a balanced choice
- this means, where realistic, taking a mix of subjects or modules
Choose a course or subject only because you think it will be easy
– chances are you’ll be wrong as no subject is ‘easy’, You’ll risk doing a course or subject you don’t enjoy because you didn’t do enough research initially

Talk to your careers adviser and your teachers
- so that you get as much information as possible before making your final choice
Choose a new course or subject without finding out more about it
– find out as much as you can about new courses or subjects by talking to teachers and older students already studying them

Talk to your parents/guardians
– it’s good to talk through your ideas and get as much help and advice as possible
Decide at the last minute
– give yourself plenty of time to do your research


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