Supported Work for Young People with Learning Difficulties
and/or Disabilities 

Finding and keeping a job can be hard! This is why there are Supported Employment Agencies that can help you
to do this.


Who is it for?

Supported work is for anyone, of any age, who has a learning difficulty and/or disability, or those who are at a disadvantage. The aim is to help you get a job.


How can they help me?

They can give you a job coach, who will help you to learn the skills you need for a particular job. Your coach can also help you to settle into the company and your new team.

Agencies give support to employers to help them offer jobs to disabled people or those who have a learning difficulty. For example they may help them to provide specialist equipment if this is needed.


What do they offer?

Most supported employment agencies would offer paid employment, job tasters and work experience. They also help you with looking for jobs and applying for them, as well as helping you with interview skills.

They can offer support and help you to learn skills to become more independent. For example this could be help with travel to and from work or with your social skills in and around the work place as well as within your community.


How do I find out more?

There are many supporting agencies throughout Wales. Here’s a little more information on some of them:

Help and support disabled people into work, whilst working with employers to ensure that they can recruit, retain and sustain individuals.

A specialist recruitment and training provider. Helping people to achieve greater independence and to realise their potential within the workplace

Works with disabled people or those at a disadvantage across South and South West Wales. Elite supports people with vocational opportunities, training and employment through independence.

Supports disabled and disadvantaged people into employment through either Work Choice or the Work Programme. Support includes help in preparing for work, help with employment and managing a disability.

Jobs Growth Wales is a Welsh Government scheme which gives you the chance of a six month job  opportunity with the possibility of continued employment at the end of it. You can apply if you’re aged 16-24 and are currently not in education or employment.

If you are a disabled person or have a learning difficulty the Jobs Growth Wales Supported Vacancies are
designed to give you extra support.

For more information contact us.

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