How to research an employer

Researching an employer is an important part of the job searching and application process. 

You can:

  • Look for and enquire after potential job opportunities
  • Decide if the company is right for you
  • Gather lots of useful information which you can use in job applications, covering letters and interviews

It’s important to try and stand out from the crowd when applying for a job.  By doing your research you can be better prepared to talk about why the company interests you and why you want the job.  

Key things to research

  • The company history
  • What the company does and their services or products
  • The company’s values and goals
  • The company’s achievements.  This could be projects they’ve completed or are currently working on, partnerships with other companies/individuals, and awards they may have received.

You can do this by:

  • Looking at the company website
  • Checking their social media pages like Facebook and Twitter to see what is currently trending and their past posts or tweets
  • Checking LinkedIn.  If you know who is interviewing you and they have a profile on this site you can find out about them
  • Looking online for any articles about the company.  The company website may have some but doing a general search online may bring up others
  • Asking an employee.  Do you know anyone that works for the company?  You could gain some useful information on what it’s like to work for them and the type of employee that would fit in
  • Contacting the employer.  If you still feel that you need a bit more information you could contact the employer directly

Finally, use only positive information you’ve found out about the company during the application process. 

Useful social media websites for researching an employer;

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