7 questions you should ask before signing up for training

So you’re looking to get back to work as soon as possible. You’ve heard that a particular course will lead to a job.

Think about these seven questions you need to ask yourself before you sign on the dotted line.

1. Does the course interest you?

You are more likely to stick at it when it gets hard if the subject matter is of interest and if the related job is one you want. If you find that you are confused about what job interests you, try our Job Matching Quiz or Contact Us for an individual chat.

2. Are there jobs?

If you’re doing a course to get a job, you want to be sure that there are indeed job openings. Check out job websites to see if there are vacancies in your chosen field. If so, think about where they are located, the wages, the working conditions etc. to see if it is worth you doing the training.

3. Do employers value your course?

Even if there are jobs, you want to know that the specific course you want to do will help you when applying for vacancies. Check job descriptions and person specifications for vacancies to see what qualifications they want. If your course is listed there, it could be worth doing. For more general information on jobs and entry routes, see our Job Information leaflets.

4. Do you know all your options?

You might know about a particular provider but doing a wider search can make sure you get value for money and access to all your potential course options. Try searching for your course on Courses in Wales from Careers Wales.

5. Is the course accredited?

Some jobs are much easier to get if the training you took is accredited. You can tell if a course is accredited if it has a level e.g. QCF level 3. Your course provider can give you details of the accreditation your course has.

6. Did other people get a job after doing your course?

Some larger course providers such as colleges and universities might gather information on what past students went on to do. Other providers might also have some knowledge of the outcomes of their students. This information helps you decide whether the course is value for money.

7. Is there financial help out there?

What help you could get depends on your circumstances. If you were made redundant, see our redundancy page for info on how ReAct III funding works. If you’re unemployed but not facing redundancy, you could try Turn2us.

Happy learning!

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