Nine differences between adult learning and school

It's not like schoolFor many of us, the idea of learning conjures up memories of our formative years - strict teachers, stuffy classrooms, never-ending homework and dusty chalkboards. Little wonder then that the thought of returning to education later in life can often be intimidating.

Luckily, the reality of modern day adult learning is a whole world away from our school day memories.


1. Teachers are much less scary when you’re an adult

You don’t have to call them Sir or Miss…and you’re much less likely to accidentally call them mum or dad in front of everyone.


2. It’s not all endless double periods of English, Maths and Science

There are loads of great courses to choose from; from modern languages to cooking, pet grooming to computing. You can choose the course that is right for you without having to follow a particular curriculum.


3. You don’t have to sit cross legged on a hard-wooden floor during Assembly

You can either learn in the comfort of your own home through online or distance learning, or with others at a local community centre or college.


4. Screeching chalk on a blackboard is a thing of the past

Thanks to modern technology, interactive whiteboards, computers and tablets are the norm now and you’re more likely to get in touch with your tutor via email or Skype than having to stay behind after class.


5. You are in charge

You can learn at your own pace, to fit around your lifestyle.


6. You don’t have to worry about showcasing the latest fashion on non-uniform days to impress your friends

You can wear what you like, when you want. If you want to sit in your joggers all day while you learn, it’s up to you.


7. No one cares if you haven’t got the latest Tamagotchi, a click-out pencil case or a multi-coloured pen


8. You don’t need to worry about being part of the “cool” group

Most adult learners find that people in their classes are welcoming and there is plenty of support and guidance available.


9. There is no pressure to be top of the class

Everyone is encouraged to learn at their own pace and you don’t have to face the dreaded Parents’ Evening every term!

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