The Careers Wales Mark

 What is the Careers Wales Mark?

  • The 'Mark' is an award designed by Careers Wales to recognise a commitment to continious quality improvement within an educational institution to meet with the Welsh Government's requirements that are set out in the Careers and the World of Work: a framework for 11-19 year-olds in Wales
  • Careers Wales has developed the Careers Wales Mark as a collaborative partnership with learning providers to support their process for improved outcomes for all learners 
  • The Careers Wales Mark will recognise establishments that have demonstrated they have active procedures in place to ensure a continuous process of improvement 
  • The programme is designed to equip young people with the skills they will need in order to manage their working life, whether they leave education at 16, 18 or 21 so that they have the most up-to-date knowledge and understanding of working practices to make effective career choices 
  • Why work towards the Careers Wales Mark?

    The Careers Wales Mark has been developed following the introduction of the framework for Careers and the World of Work (CWW) as part of the Revised Curriculum (2008).

    It has been designed to meet:

    • The Welsh Assembly Government’s statutory entitlement for Careers and the World of Work for 11-19-year olds in Wales.

    And to contribute to:

    • The ‘learning core’ of the 14 -19 Learning Pathways
    • Estyn’s drive to build capacity for self-evaluation and improvement
    • Aspects of the Common Inspection Framework (SEF)

    There will be considerable benefit gained from being involved in the process:

The Process:

  • Careers Wales Mark - Process Overview

    View the Careers Wales Mark process diagram -  A step by step guide to achieve the Careers Wales Mark. 

  • Stage 1 - Audit and Self-Evaluation


    The first step is to AUDIT the activities and experiences you offer your learners against the Careers and World of Work range statements in each Key Stage. Get started using our audit:

    The Careers and World of Work Framework describes the range of contexts through which learners should have the opportunity to develop the skills, attitudes and values they need.


    Self-Evaluate against the Estyn 5 Inspection Areas

    Self-evaluation will help you think about all aspects of your CWW provision, by gathering the evidence of strenghts and areas for development.

    View our accompanying notes for self-evaluation. (517KB, link opens in new window)


    Ideas to Help You Meet the Careers and World of Work Learning Outcomes

  • Stage 2 - Development Planning

    The second stage is to create a development plan.

    Having completed your audit and self-evaluation it will support you in identifying areas for development in your Careers and the World of Work provision.

    A development plan will help you prioritise, plan and implement how you will go about making identified improvements. 

  • Stage 3 - Evidence your Success

    While you are writing your CWW development plan you will also need to think about how you will evaluate the impact of your plans.

    You need to establish a baseline now so that you can measure improvement later.

    Think about, how having a new resource or activity in place may be the first step, but  how you will judge whether they improve pupil learning?

    Some suggestions: 

    • Pre and post questionnaires - This will allow you to assess any improvements in a pupil's understanding of a certain subject e.g. Options at 16+
    • Taking photos - Taking photographs is a great way to show others what took place and a good way to keep record of the events you've arranged
    • Gaining general feedback - Asking pupils to write on flip chart papers or post it notes at the end of a session is an effective way to get quick and simple feedback
  • Stage 4 - Implementation

    Now you've audited, self-evaluated and created your Development Plan you're ready to put it into action!

    It's easy to get side-tracked in a busy work environment but keeping the Development Plan on target ensures your Careers and the World of Work provision is effective and current.

    Planned occasions such as regular meetings to which you report, will prompt you to monitor the progress of your Development Plan, and realistic timescales in the plan will help you keep developments on track.

  • Stage 5 - Review

    Progress is reviewed every term during partnership agreement meetings. 

    Gathering evidence and reviewing progress is a key step in achieving  the Careers Wales Mark.  You can gather evidence of the progress made and decide the action still needed to inform planning for the coming year.

  • Stage 6 - Report

    The Careers Wales Mark offers accreditation for your process of continuous improvement so tell others about your achievements!

    Let your colleagues, parents and governors know what you've achieved and how you are improving Careers and World of Work provision for your pupils.

    Share it:

    • On your school/college social media - Remember to tweet us about it to so we can share the good news!   Twitter
    • In your newsletters
    • In parents evenings
    • In staff and departmental meetings
    • With your governors 

I'm interested - What next?

If you're ready to start the accreditation process, get in touch with your local Careers and World of Work Coordinator who can support you with starting the accreditation process. 

To get started you'll need to sign our Commitment Statement (PDF, 118.3KB, opens in a new page)

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