Guide to completing your Vacancy Application  

This guide shows you how to fill in the vacancy application.
The vacancy application is an online application form to apply for the following jobs:

  • Jobs Growth Wales jobs 
  • Apprenticeships (For some apprenticeships you apply directly on the company’s own site)

Give yourself time to complete the vacancy application. An employer can tell if an application has been rushed so take your time. It can make all the difference to help you into work.

(You might like to print this guide out so you can follow it as you complete your vacancy application.)

Very important information

  Save time by completing Your Profile in detail first

  What is saved in Your Profile will save into your Vacancy Application

  What you input into your Vacancy Application WILL NOT SAVE back to Your Profile



If you are applying by CV you will only need to complete the following sections in Your Profile:

  • Personal Details
  • Personal Statement
  • Languages


Why should I complete 'Your Profile' first?

Your Profile is your chance to put down your skills and strengths, education, employment and work experience.
You can then:

  • Log in to Your Profile and access your job information to refer to when you apply for jobs on other sites
  • Store all your job information, personal statement and qualifications in one place
  • Use the information in Your Profile to put into your CV

Top Tip

Fill out ALL your details on 'Your Profile' first and save this before you go to the Vacancy Application.


Step by step guide to completing Vacancy Applications

Step 1 - Log in or Sign up


 Your Profile

On the Careers Wales homepage under Your Profile click on log in or sign up.


  • New to the site?
    Sign up with Careers Wales now (keep your user name and password safe)
  • Already registered?
    Log in and you will find that the information you put in the previous profile has saved

    Important: Use the steps below to check your details, as if you don’t, an error message may come up when you apply for the Jobs Growth Wales jobs or apprenticeships


Step 2 - Complete or edit Your Profile

You will see a box on the screen called: Edit Your Profile. Click on the boxes to fill in, edit or to check your details are correct.


We recommend:

For applying for jobs or apprenticeships we recommend that you complete the following sections with as much detail as you can:

  • Personal Details
  • Qualifications
  • Work Related Experience
  • Employment
  • Personal Statement
  • Languages

Fill in the Interests and Experiences sections instead if you haven’t had Employment or Work Related Experience. These also show employers the skills you have gained.

  • Interests
  • Experiences
  • Certificates and Awards


 Personal Details include your name, address and contact details.

The sections that must be filled out are:

  • First name, Surname, Date of birth
  • User name, Employment Status
  • E-mail address, Home telephone number, Mobile number
  • Address, Postal code

All of the above should already be entered from when you registered with Careers Wales, so you may only need to check them.

  Entering your telephone number

  • Both the Home phone number AND Mobile number fields have to be filled, so if you only have a mobile number, put the same number in both.
  • If you only have a home telephone number put that number in both
  • You must include a phone number, so if you don’t have one, ask a relative if you can use them as a contact point for employers that may try and contact you after you submit an application



1. Click 'Add a place of study'

You must fill in all the boxes – Name of school or college, and end date.

2. Click 'Add a qualification'

You must fill in the following boxes otherwise you will get an error message in Vacancy Profile:

  • Course name
  • Qualification type (you should find this written on certificates or course work. Your teacher or tutor may be able to tell you. Looking through the drop down list you might recognise the qualification type.)
  • Grade and whether the grade is confirmed or predicted
  • Core subject (Click on the subject in the dropdown list that best matches the qualification. If you are not sure select 'other' from the dropdown menu)
  • End date (month and year) or if you are still studying, tick ‘Still studying this course’

3. Click 'save'.

  How to exit if you don't want to save

  • Click cancel to close at the bottom of the box next to the 'Save' button

Important Note: Do NOT save if you cannot fill out all the boxes as it will show up as an error later and may not allow you to apply for the job.


 Work related experience

Work Related Experience is any unpaid experience you have had with an employer. Your school may have sent you for a week to an employer. This is work experience. You may also have helped out in a relative or friend’s company and this would count as work experience as well. 



Employment is any paid jobs you have had. Don’t worry if you haven’t had any employment yet just leave the employment section blank. Once you have worked you can come back and add new jobs.  


 Personal Statement

A personal statement for a job or course application is usually a blank box asking you to write about your skills, strengths and experience in detail.


Writing a Personal Statement

Make a note of the skills, strengths and experience the employer is asking for in the job description. Put in examples from your life that would show you have these qualities.

Skills are what you can do.
Strengths are the skills you are the best at.
Experience is what you have done that proves your skills and strengths.

  • You can use examples from your employment, school, college, education, work experience, hobbies and volunteering
  • Choose examples of when you used good communication, teamwork, organisation and problem-solving skills. Then add examples of when you proved you were reliable, flexible and showed the ability to learn new skills

View our Guide to completing a Personal Statement for more help.

Take a look at a Personal Statement Example - Alex for ideas on what to write in your own personal statement.

Contact us if you would like more advice on filling out a personal statement.



Languages ask if you speak Welsh, and if Welsh is your first language. You must answer these. If you speak other languages fluently there is a drop down option to list these.



Interests ask about your hobbies. The key here is to include interests that show skills that an employer might be interested in.  For example, do you enjoy working on your car or bike? Then you can explain what repairs you do on the car or bike. This shows off your practical and mechanical skills. 


 Experiences and Achievements

Experiences ask about voluntary work or ways you help out in the community.


 Examples of experiences and achievements

  • You might volunteer at your local charity shop. You can explain that you meet and greet customers and help customers to find items in the store. This shows you have customer service skills
  • You may be helping out your elderly neighbour or a relative.  You can type in that you help out with the shopping, cooking and cleaning. The skills you have from this might include that you are trustworthy as you handle other people’s money. It also shows that you are a caring person. It might show you have other practical skills like cooking and maintaining high hygiene standards


 Certificates and Awards

Certificates and Awards can include anything you have received as a prize for an achievement.


 Examples of certificates and awards

  • The COMPACT Award from school shows you have excellent attendance.  This would interest employers as they like to know that people are reliable and have good attendance. You may also have achieved sports awards that could go into this section
  • Certificates that could go in this section include Food Hygiene, Health and Safety, First Aid, Bronze Award in Life saving and CSCS Card


Step 3 - Go to the Vacancy page to apply for jobs

You have completed  the sections above, so now:

  • Hover on the tab at the top that says Jobs and Training and you will see a drop down menu
  • Click on the Blue box that has ‘Search for Apprenticeships, Jobs Growth Wales, and Vacancies
  • Click on  the Searches tab and enter search terms to find vacancies that suit you 
  • Click on the vacancy you would like to apply for
  • Read the job description and if you want to apply click on the button that says 'Apply now' (This does not mean you have applied at this stage)

Step 4 - Check your details

You now have the option to import Your Profile into your online application

  • Tick the boxes of the sections you would like to import from Your Profile 
  • Click on the small triangles which are a drop down menu, and you can choose specific jobs and qualifications to import into your application
  • Click 'Save and Continue'
  • Check whether you are eligible to apply, and if you are, tick the relevant boxes and then click 'Save and Continue'
  • The next sections (sections 3, 4 and 5), bring up your personal details to check. If they are correct click 'Save and Continue' until you get to Section 6 called 'Reasons for applying'

 What to do if you see an error message

If an error message comes up it will say this - ! Missing or invalid information please check.

You have 2 options if this happens:

1. Go back to Your Profile to make the changes
  • Take a note of the sections that are listed as having errors. For example this might be listed as ‘Employment’ or ‘Qualifications’
  • Write these down or remember them
  • If you want this information to be saved for other job applications click on the link to Your Profile. You will find this link where you see the sentences near the top of the page: "Please remember information you fill in below will not save to Your Profile. If you'd rather this information to be used again in other job applications go to Your Profile."
  • Click on the sections highlighted as error and make the changes required
  • Once you have made the changes go back to the vacancy page. The vacancy you were applying for will be listed in 'Vacancies I am interested in' on your vacancy personal page

2. Make the changes in the vacancy application

If you do this, the information WILL NOT SAVE. This means that next time you apply the same error message will come back and you will have to make the same changes. So, it is well worth making all the corrections at once in Your Profile. These will save and you should no longer get an error message every time you apply.


Step 5 - Check that your Personal Statement is correct

If you add to it in the vacancy application it WILL NOT SAVE into Your Profile. If you want it to save go to Your Profile to change your personal statement and that will save.

View our Guide to completing a Personal Statement for more help.

Take a look at a Personal Statement Example - Alex for ideas on what to write in your own personal statement.

Contact us if you would like more advice on filling out a personal statement.


Step 6 - Submit your application

Read through your application carefully to make sure it is correct, has no spelling mistakes and that you haven’t forgotten to add some information.

If you want to change anything then click on the pencil icon which will take you back to the section to make amendments. (Please note: If you make changes in the Vacancy Profile, it WILL NOT SAVE. If you want it to save you will need to go back to Your Profile)

If you are happy with the application then click on ‘Send your application’ and you will have applied. The employer will then contact you about the vacancy.

Make sure you log in regularly to check if the employer has contacted you. Employers will not always phone or e-mail you but often will contact you through the Careers Wales website.

All the very best with your application!

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