Temping and agency work

Why are employers taking on temps?

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Employers may use recruitment agencies for a number of reasons:

  • They don't want the hassle of advertising and sifting through job applications themselves so they hire an agency to do that for them
  • They only have a temporary vacancy that needs to be filled
  • They may not feel they have the funds to hire someone permanently, but do have work that needs doing

But I want a proper job - why do temp work?

Because the world of work is changing! Getting experience is vital. Sometimes the only way to get experience is by doing some periods of temporary work.
The advantage of temporary work –

  • You may get a foot in the door and be in a good place to apply for permanent jobs
  • It will give you very valuable experience of fitting in to new situations and getting on with others
  • It can be a good way to find out if you really want to do the job

How to find a temp agency

The Recruitment Employment Confederation (REC) is the professional body for recruitment. Find recruitment agencies through the REC website.

There are broadly two types of temp agency:

  • Agencies specialising in an area of work. These include areas like construction, IT, nursing and other healthcare jobs. If you have a skill, trade or set of special qualifications search online for agencies offering that type of work
  • Agencies having vacancies across a range of job areas. Sometimes these agencies also specialise in jobs in the local area. Again, search on line for employment agencies and add your post code or town.

It can help to get on as many agencies' books as possible.

What are my rights as a temporary worker?

From the first day of the job, you will be entitled to the same access to company facilities and information about job vacancies as other employees doing a similar job. The key to gaining access to these rights is finding someone in your workplace who is doing a similar job.  Check out Agency Workers Rights

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