Social Media Manager


As a Social Media Manager you will use your excellent verbal, writing and marketiing skills to manage your businesses entire social media presence.

Also known as

  • Community Manager
  • Youtuber

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Work Activities

As a Social Media Manager you will use your excellent verbal and writing skills to manage your businesses entire social media presence. This could be any form of business where communication with customers is an important aspect - and there aren't many businesses where that isn't of vital importance!

You will need to work with the advertising, marketing and public relations departments to develop a social media policy - which social media platforms will be used, what sort of information will be shared, and who will contribute?

It will be up to you to use social media to develop online communities - consisting of customers, fellow employees, and interested parties.

You will need to nuture and take care of these communities, and ensure that they grow and develop. You can do this by:

  • using positive language
  • content curation - this involves constantly adding new interesting material to your various social media platforms, and removing outdated stuff
  • engaging - this involves talking to your customers online, and encouraging them to talk to each other
  • directing traffic - you will need to pass any comments or queries on to the right person swifty, so the correct response can be given
  • newsjacking - newsjacking refers to the process of using a big or popular news story to encourage your hits and conversations

Personal Qualities and Skills

To become a Social Media Manager, you need:

  • IT skills, particularly the use of various social media platforms
  • a knowledge of marketing
  • to be willing to keep up to date with advances in technology in this fast-changing area
  • the ability to work to strict deadlines
  • to be able to deal with people in a polite, positive manner

Pay and Opportunities


The pay rates below are approximate:

  • Starting: £22,500 - £25,000
  • With experience: £28,000 - £34,000
  • Senior Social Media Managers earn £37,000 - £40,000

Hours of work

You will most likely work around 35-40 hours a week, Monday to Friday. Occasional late finishes and weekend work may be required.

Where could I work?

Social Media Managers can work in many different types of business or organisation; anywhere where there is a need to communicate with customers and potential customers.

This can include:

  • a small, medium or large business
  • a charity
  • working for a music or literary artist
  • a university or educational establishment
  • a political party
  • a sports club or team
  • a recruitment agency

Opportunities occur with employers in towns and cities throughout the UK.

This career could include working for an agency.

Where are vacancies advertised?

Vacancies are advertised in local/national newspapers, trade industry publications, at Jobcentre Plus and on the Find a Job website.

Entry Routes and Training

Entry routes

Normally, employers will expect you to have a HNC, HND or a degree in order to enter this career. However, if you are thinking about leaving school after finishing your A levels, you could get a lower level job in one of the following fields and training on-the-job:

  • advertising
  • digital marketing
  • e-commerce

After completing your A levels, you might be able to get onto a Higher Level  or Degree Apprenticeship in a relevant area. You might be able to start working as a Social Media Assistant or Executive.

Then, once you have gained relevant industry skills and experience, you might be able to apply for management positions.

A great way to get into this career is through an internship. Take a look at our information article 'Internships', for more details.

Work Experience

Some entrants have developed relevant skills by working, for example in a marketing role.


Some Social Media Managers choose to become self-employed or take contract work on a freelance basis.


To enter a relevant degree course, the usual requirements are:

  • 2/3 A levels
  • GCSEs in your A level subjects at grade C/4 or above
  • a further 2/3 GCSEs at grade C/4 or above
  • English, maths and a science subject are usually required at GCSE at grade C/4 or above

To get onto an Advanced Level Apprenticeship, you'll usually need 5 GCSEs at grade C/4 or above, including English and maths, or to have completed an Intermediate Level Apprenticeship.

To get onto a Degree Apprenticeship, you will usually need at least 2 A levels.

Other qualifications, such as a relevant BTEC level 3 qualification (social media and digital marketing or interactive media, design for games and ICT) or the International Baccalaureate Diploma are often accepted.

Some universities accept the Welsh Baccalaureate as equivalent to 1 A level.

Adult Opportunities

Age limits

It is illegal for any organisation to set age limits for entry to employment, education or training, unless they can show there is a real need to have these limits.


Some entrants have developed relevant skills by working, for example, in:

  • advertising
  • digital marketing
  • e-commerce

Access courses

If you don't have the qualifications needed to enter your chosen degree or HND course, a college or university Access course (for example, Access to Business) could be the way in.

These courses are designed for people who have not followed the usual routes into higher education. No formal qualifications are usually needed, but you should check this with individual colleges.


  • 6% work part-time.
  • 8% have flexible hours
  • 1% work on a temporary basis

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