Which subject? Which career?

Fact: The subject or course you choose can affect your career options.

So, it's important to know what subject, course, qualification level and grades you need for certain jobs.

  • Do I need specialist training and qualifications?  Some careers require you to have a specialist qualification and certain subjects and grades to get onto those courses for example Nursing and Dentistry

  • Do I need certain subjects and grades? Many careers and higher level courses require you to have specific subjects and grades

  • Do I need English, Maths and Science? These are the subjects most needed for careers, courses and by employers.  More and more jobs, apprenticeships and courses ask for these subjects at C or even B grade.  For example, to complete your Teacher  training in Wales, you need Maths and English GCSE B Grade


Find the courses or subjects that lead to your future career:

All these things will help you to make the right choices about courses, subjects and qualifications for your future career. Remember that you also need to get the right grades as well as the right course.

If you are unsure what you want to do in the future, take our Job Matching Quiz. This links your interests and skills to jobs and will give you ideas for careers.

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