Changing or leaving a course

Changing or leaving course However well you plan and research a course or subject, you may still find yourself having to change direction. This might mean changing or leaving a course. Here are some things you need to think about:

You have discovered that you really do not like the subject.

  • Unless you change course within the first few months you may find yourself waiting until courses start again. Often this will mean waiting until the following September.
  • Give yourself time to get used to a subject. But – if you are having serious misgivings try to make an early decision.
  • Always talk your decisions through with someone such as a tutor.
  • It may be possible to change to another course at the same college or centre. This will depend on how early in the course you make this decision.
    • Look at other courses very carefully – do your research well.  Do you want a complete change of subject or course? If so - make sure you have the entry qualifications for the new course.
    • If you have a career in mind make sure to find out if the new course is a suitable.
  • You could change to a new course at a new college:
    • Again – do your research and check entry qualifications
  • If you leave your course completely – think about what you will do until the new course starts. Try to fill the time by working or volunteering.
  • Changing or leaving a course can affect any funding you may be receiving. Check this with your local authority, benefits agency or other funding body.
  • Will you get funding for all or part of the new course? Again check this with your funding body.

You no longer wish to study

  • Leave your school, college or centre on good terms. Talk to someone about your decision – possibly your tutor.
  • You may already some qualifications or passed learning modules. Collect any certificates or reports listing these achievements.
  • You will need to find out what your next step could be. You could seek work or training and this will depend your age, your qualifications and what is available near you. 

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