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Ysgol Friars

About Us

At the end of Year 11 school pupils are faced with several alternatives. Many choose to join the Sixth Form here at Ysgol Friars. We pride ourselves on making all students welcome irrespective of where they studied for GCSE.

We hope you will discuss alternatives carefully with your parents before you decide how you will spend the years post 16. Above all, do not merely drift aimlessly back to school. It has become increasingly important for young people to consider at length the value of a further period of study, and to think deeply about the purpose and content of their programme of extended education. If you enter the Sixth Form at Friars in September we expect to find that you have made a firm and clear decision to do so after considering the merits of the available alternatives and are ready to commit fully to the courses of study you have chosen. Making the right choices will open the door to your future. The next two years at Friars School will be the most important of your education so far.

The offer at Friars is comprehensive and will meet the academic aspirations of every child who enters the Sixth Form. We believe in guided choice where information and advice leads to the best possible outcomes; if we get it right now then your future grades will be easier to obtain.

We wish you and your child every success choosing the best learning pathway.


Sixth Form students have access to a study area in the Library for quiet private study. The 6th Form work centre is designed to give 6th form students ease of access to ICT facilities for research and self study.  The Common Room is equipped with a small kitchen and a less formal work area providing a more relaxed atmosphere.  

The school has the latest technology allowing students to access the internet anywhere in school during lessons and study periods. 

Well equipped laboratories, workshops, computer suites and a learning resource centre support learning. We offer excellent support and guidance to our students provided by Form Tutors, Head of Sixth Form and Learning Coaches and we have excellent careers advice provided by Careers Wales.


In the Sixth Form the students are expected to shoulder a good measure of responsibility. We will want to treat them as young adults while they continue at school in a community which will make particular demands of them. The school will monitor thoroughly the work and welfare of each individual student. We hope to bridge the gap between school and college or the world of work, fostering self confidence in the individual student as he or she encounters new responsibilities.

You will receive plenty of assistance but less direct supervision. As a voluntary, senior pupil you ought to need very little supervision. In fact we will expect a great deal of self-discipline from you.

Learner Outcomes

We have a very strong track record of success at AS and A level.

According to Advanced Level Performance Systems, A level results at Ysgol Friars place the school in the top 5% of the 1,164 schools and colleges in the full Department of Education national database of 685,377 A-levels taken by 241,036 students in 2,580 A-level providers across England and Wales in 2014.

Many individual subjects in Friars rank high in the top 10% of all providers, especially the ‘facilitating subjects’ recommended by the Russell Group of universities, with one subject being ranked as the best in the country.

Many students regularly gain the highest possible A/A* grades in three or four A-level subjects and progress to some of the most prestigious universities in the country including Cambridge, Durham, Imperial College, UCL etc, studying a wide range of subjects such as medicine, dentistry, engineering, mathematics, natural sciences, politics and law.

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Network Area

Ysgol Friars is located in the Gwynedd Area.

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