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Example 1

This CV highlights employment history and skills, starting with the most recent job and working backwards. Personalise your template! Your CV is produced as a Word document. You will be able to make changes of your own when you have published your CV.

Example 2

This CV highlights skills, strengths and personal qualities. This approach can be useful when applying for your first job, when returning to employment after a break, when your work history has gaps or you have made a lot of job changes.

Example 3

This CV is specifically aimed at one job type. It is useful when emphasising skills and achievements relevant to that job, you have transferrable skills or you are applying for a very specific post.

Example 4

This CV allows you to list lots of qualifications and skills. It is useful if you are applying for professional or graduate level jobs.

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  • Useful Tips!

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    • Keep your contact details up to date
    • 4 or 5 lines is about right
    • Use positive words – we have a word bank on this site to help you
    • Look at the job description and use it as a guide to write this section
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    • Add qualifications relevant to the post you are applying for or for the type of job you are hoping to find
    • Don't fill the page with a list of qualifications. If you have a degree you will not always need to enter all your GCSEs.


    • Add any training you have done relevant to the post you are seeking.
    • Include formal and informal training - but - keep it short and relevant!
    • If you say you can do something you may be asked about it at an interview!
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    • Include the dates during which you were employed.
    • Include some brief details of your role. Explain your duties and responsibilities.
    • Write more detail about any roles that are relevant to the job you are seeking.
    • Try not to leave gaps in your work history. If you do have gaps you need to explain them – be positive!
  • Useful Tips!

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    • Use headings, bullet points and an easy to read font
    • Check your spelling - or get someone to check it for you
    • Be positive - we have word bank on the site to help you
    • Remember - if you say you can do something you may be asked for more information at an interview
    • If someone helps you write a CV - make sure you read it through carefully


    • You will need to provide references - usually 2 people. If possible one should be work related
    • The other may be a teacher or lecturer or someone who can give you a character reference.
    • Keep your references up to date.

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