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Latest developments on Principal Learning within the Welsh Bac

This report is the outcome of a project commissioned by DCELLS to support the introduction of the new Principal Learning Qualification (PLQ) within the Welsh Baccalaureate Qualification (WBQ) framework.

The Principal Learning Qualification component is the same as that in the Diploma in England.  For use in Wales they have been modified to ensure that they are consistent with the new Essential Skills Wales (ESW) qualifications scheduled to be introduced in September 2010.

Careers Wales West and Careers Wales North West have undertaken the project on behalf of Careers Wales. As identified from the specification, the following three areas were investigated:

  1. An investigation into effective involvement of employers in WBQ and PLQ.
  2. Information for use by careers advisers in their provision of advice and    guidance.
  3. Dissemination across Careers Wales and within DCELLS of the result of this project.

The report was disseminated to an audience, which included DCELLS, Sector Skills Councils, Awarding Bodies and other Careers Wales companies at an event that took place on the 21 April 2010 at the Wales Millennium Centre, Cardiff.

To read the full report, see below.

PDF fileDevelopment and Future of Applied Learning in Wales


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