Latest updates

Over the past year we have continued to develop careerswales.com and there have been several new additions that we hope have improved the service we offer to users

CV Builder

There is a brand new CV builder on line allowing users to create and store a variety of CVs.

Learning Pathway Plan

LPP logo for updates pageThis is now available across the site – and can be accessed by users from Year 9 onwards. The LPP itself has been changed to allow users to choose those elements that they would like to include in their document, download and save their plan, or view and print their plan.


Apprenticeship 148px widthThe Apprenticeship Matching Service is now up and running on the site and has been in pilot in Careers Wales West and Careers Wales North West since July 2010. This service enables anyone to search and apply for Apprenticeship opportunities online as well as allowing employers and providers to manage these opportunities and applications.  Based on feedback from both regions, improvements are underway and will be live in the two pilot areas during April. This improved solution will be rolled out across Wales during June. Take a look.

Courses in Wales

Courses in Wales logo 148pxIf you are looking for a course which is available in Wales, whether it is an evening class in cake decorating, a postgraduate degree in Astronomy or a work based learning course, Careers Wales holds all that information in its online database ‘Learning Choices’.
It has been felt for a while that the name ‘Learning Choices’ did not convey to everyone exactly what the database was all about. In September 2010 we installed an online survey on the Learning Choices home page, asking people to vote for one of five possible names for the database, including the existing one of Learning Choices. In January this year, we collated all the responses and the results were overwhelmingly in favour of changing the name to ‘Courses in Wales’.
As of 18th March, when you go into careerswales.com to look for courses, you will no longer see the term ‘Learning Choices’; it has been replaced with the new name ‘Courses in Wales’.
‘It does what it says on the tin’, and we hope this will help more people find the database and therefore be able to find the courses they are seeking in Wales.

Dewis Da

DewisDa 148px- Welsh language skills project

Careers Wales, working with the Welsh Language Board, commissioned some research by Trywydd Cyf into the value of bilingualism. Based on these research findings a new section ‘Dewis Da’ has been created on CWO highlighting  how bilingual skills are useful in career development. The full research report is available in the Professionals section. For those of you who don’t speak Welsh ‘Dewis Da’ means ‘Good Choice’.

See our latest article in the series on how the ability to speak, write and read Welsh is an additional skill, helping you Stand Out From The Crowd.

June 2011