Stop Don't Drop

Are you...

Thinking about a different career idea that
no longer suits
your course? 

Not enjoying your course? 

Finding the course too difficult
or too easy? 

Being affected by a personal reason that's stopping you from enjoying college? 

Not settling into college life? 

Before you consider leaving college.....

Stop. Don't Drop!

The important thing at this point is not to rush into a decision you might later regret. 

Some questions you should be asking yourself before you leave college:

  • 1. Have I fully explored the support available to help me before I make my final decision?

    It may be that you’re feeling uncertain about things which could be easily resolved, so consider speaking to your college tutor, family and friends, learner/student services or a careers adviser to see how you can continue in college. 

    Sometimes, the easiest way to come to a decision is to write a list of the pros and cons for each of your options. Think about the:

    • Positives of each option
    • Negatives of each option
    • What each option could lead to

    Go through your list and think about how important each point is to you. By the end you’ll have a better idea of what’s important to you and which option is best.

  • 2. Will leaving college now affect or delay my long term career goal?

    If you have a specific career in mind then leaving college now will delay you achieving your goal, especially if you are currently on a course that’s related to your career aim. It could be that you need to take a step back to think about your priorities.

    Are you willing to stick to the course to achieve your end goal? 

    Do you feel you want to follow a different way of achieving your career goal?

    Use Career Search to find out about the qualifications and routes to qualify for different jobs.

    Speak to a careers adviser who can advise you on the next steps that will help you achieve your career goal. 

  • 3. How would leaving college, with no next step, look to future employers?

    You’ll usually need to explain any gaps in education or work on a CV or application form. It’s important to think about the consequences leaving college now could have in the future.

    If you decide leaving college is the best option for you then you could volunteer or find part time work whilst you decide on your next steps. Our careers advisers can give you advice and guidance on what options are available to you. 

  • 4. Will leaving college affect me financially?

    You may be receiving an Education Maintenance Allowance (EMA) whilst in college which will stop if you decide to leave. Leaving college could also affect any Child Benefit your parents/guardians receive. It’s worth checking with student/learner services in your college and the Child Benefit site. 

    Remember, you could receive financial support if you do an apprenticeship or a traineeship or whilst finding work so don’t worry. 

  • 5. What are my options if I do decide I want to leave college?

    There are different routes you can consider if you want to leave college. You could find work, do a traineeship or apply for an apprenticeship, but all these need planning. 

    Consider the pros and cons of each option and discuss your ideas with family and by speaking to one of our careers advisers. Remember! You can plan your next steps before you decide to leave college, that way you keep all your options open.

    Check out all the options you can consider.

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