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Take control


Can you take your next step?  How do you feel about it?

Moving on can be exciting and scary. Even if you are well prepared - check out our notes below. 


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Have you done your research?
Choosing a course, applying for a job – whatever you decide find out exactly what is involved.

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Are you adaptable and flexible?
People no longer stay in the same job for years and years.  Keep an eye on what is happening around you.  Be prepared to compromise and have more than one option in mind.  You may need to travel through a few different places to get to your destination and your starting point may not be exactly what you would like.

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Are you resilient? 
When you are job seeking you may need to ‘bounce back’ from rejection quite a few times.  It’s natural to feel upset if you are not successful - but try not to focus too much on the negatives.  Can you do something better next time?


What's stopping you?

I need to care for my family so I can’t work or study

OK - but would you like to get back into work or education some time in the future? Taking on something alongside care responsibilities is not easy but the world of work and education is becoming more competitive.
If you can see you way clear to keeping your work skills up to date – or learning new ones – it will benefit you in the long term. If you are going to invest time and effort it is worth doing something that leads to a qualification. You could also consider part-time work, there are many jobs which require workers to cover shifts that may fit around your caring responsibilities.

The job I want does not seem to be around at the moment

This is something many people are facing at the present time. But first – a few questions.

  • Are you looking in the right places?
  • What do you know about trends in your job area?
  • Have you considered similar jobs?

Employers keep asking for people with experience. I haven’t done much full time work – so I don’t even get a look in.

Then get some! There is a lot of voluntary work available – and there will be something you can do near where you live. Yes - you will need some courage and you must be prepared to find the time – but it can be done. Bear in mind that you won’t be able to build up your experience in a few days. Unpaid work experience or an internship might also be worth investigating. Whether you do voluntary work or unpaid work be prepared to stick at it for a while.

I am feeling stressed and worried about the future

This is a difficult time for everyone who may be planning for the future. It is no longer possible to have the job security workers once had and this can be particularly worrying if you have family, financial or other commitments. You can sometimes make things a little bit easier for yourself if you start focussing on the things you can do something about. Or you breakdown the larger obstacles in to smaller more manageable tasks.

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