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Be the best you can

Do you know where to find job vacancies?  Are you ready to ‘sell’ yourself?

Employers do not always advertise their jobs in the same ways – or in the same places.  Find out how to look and where to look.  When you have found an opportunity – let us help you prepare to get that job.


Finding a job

Finding a job is a tough business - but there is a lot you can do to give yourself the best chance of success. You may end up making lots of enquiries before you are successful but stick with it!

Try to stay motivated and follow our advice on job seeking. Find out how employers recruit and how to make use of social networking to improve your chances.

Make sure that you network and make the most of any contacts and support available..

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Presenting yourself well – get that job

To get the job you want you must present yourself in the best way you can. You will need to do this -
  • On paper - through applications and CVs by being clear and positive about yourself at all times
  • In person - during interviews by dressing well and being as confident as possible
Being aware of how people ‘see’ you is so important for success in your career.
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