How can I continue with my Welsh?

What are my options? 

  • If you are still in school you can choose to study Welsh at GCSE or A Level or as a non-exam subject.
  • If you attend a Welsh medium school  then  all courses are in Welsh, so whatever your subject  choice you will be using Welsh.
  • If you attend a bilingual school then try to choose as many options as you can in Welsh.
  • Many more courses in colleges are now available in Welsh. Some may also offer the chance to study part of the course in Welsh and part in English so look at what’s available near you using our Courses in Wales database.
  • If you are thinking of going to university there are many courses available in Welsh or with some modules being offered in Welsh.  Visit the Coleg Cymraeg Cenedlaethol website for more information.
  • Don’t forget you can learn Welsh at any stage in your life: this can be to improve your conversation skills or to gain a recognised qualification. Part time / evening courses are available at many adult learning centres throughout Wales use our Courses in Wales database to find a course near you.
  • Some employers may offer you the chance to learn Welsh while you are in work either through a work place course or by paying for you to attend an evening course.

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