5. Provide a good service

The customer is always right

Businesses/companies which offer language choice to the public receive a higher level of customer appreciation.


  • Using the Welsh language is equal to providing a high quality service to customers. It makes them feel at home and can lead to customer loyalty.
  • Using the Welsh language sets companies aside from the rest. Providing a Welsh service can be a company’s Unique Selling Point.
  • Having Welsh speaking staff in the workplace is an important part of creating a company’s public image. Be it reading a website, on the telephone or face to face meetings, offering a language choice is important to customers.


  • Research estimates that about two million people in Wales think it is important for businesses to offer a bilingual service. This is far more than can speak Welsh.
  • In a national survey for Welsh and non-Welsh speakers:
    62% felt that Welsh speakers should demand their rights and ask for a Welsh language service.
  • A survey conducted in Carmarthenshire concluded that 80.5% of employers see the value of the Welsh language reporting financial benefit as a result of providing bilingual services.
  • According to independent research, customers associate Welsh language services and products which have bilingual packaging with higher quality.


“We in TESCO fully realise that people like to shop locally and that is why we ensure that there is a ‘local’ feel to all our shops. In Wales, this naturally means that we offer services in Welsh, brand ourselves accordingly and have bilingual signage and self scan tills. Where possible, we also have Welsh speaking staff.”
Enfys Fox, TESCO

One employer said that he has lost customers due to not having Welsh speaking staff to deal with them: “Once we get furthermost we lose business because our reps cannot communicate in Welsh”
Design2Print, Llandudno

“Some parents chose not to bring their children to our Nursery because we didn’t have Welsh speaking staff”.
Nursery Manager, Cardiff

Sources: State of the Welsh Language Survey Report, Beaufort, 2000
(Welsh and non-Welsh speakers were questioned).
Mabis Report on the Use of the Welsh Language in the Private Sector, 2007.
ELWa study into Commercial Benefits of Bilingual Services, 2002.
Beaufort Research’s Wales Omnibus Survey, March 2005 and 2008.

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