4. Improve your thinking and creativity

It's all in the mind

Research shows that having and using two languages improves cognitive and creative abilities.


  • Research shows that there is a relationship between bilingualism and improved cognition. This leads to higher levels of creativity, improved mental agility and a better ability to organise information and solve problems.
  • Bilinguals with two well-developed languages have a slightly higher IQ score.
  • Bilingualism can facilitate the learning of other languages and enable individuals to become literate in more than one language


Research has shown that having two well developed languages gives people particular advantages in thinking. Research from many different countries shows that bilingual pupils tend to do better in IQ tests and creative tests. Bilingual pupils also do better in Science reasoning tests and in Mathematic achievement tasks compared with monolingual pupils.
Professor Colin Baker, School of Education, University of Wales, Bangor.


“Doing a course bilingually is definitely a positive thing – it shows a young person has the ability to learn in two languages. Language is quite scientific and shows added skill. This is true whether the course is leisure / tourism, engineering or office work.”
Moe Foster, Virgin Management, London

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The Welsh Language Board with the help of Careers Wales commissioned Trywydd Cyf to carry out research on how being bilingual could give you the edge.

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