Dewis Da - Why choose Welsh?

Give yourself the bilingual edge

Two languages, twice the skills. Recent research shows that being able to speak and write in both Welsh and English can give you an important advantage whether you’re looking for a job or wanting to further your career.

Laws in Wales mean that public services must treat Welsh and English on an equal basis. This has meant a rise in demand for people who can communicate well in both languages.

What are the advantages of being bilingual?

Over the coming months we will be running a series of articles exploring the 6 main advantages of why learning, improving and using Welsh can be a good choice - whatever your age. 

How important is Welsh to employers?

More people are choosing to use Welsh when using services and as a result, research shows that demand from employers for staff with Welsh language skills is growing - right across Wales although opportunities may vary depending on the type of business, the job itself and where the job is based. Here's what some employers have said about the value of bilingualism...

"An additional language can be an enormous personal and professional benefit. We actively seek Welsh speaking staff and encourage our staff to learn the language."
Alison Inker, Manager at Vidal Sassoon, Cardiff

"Being bilingual is an advantage to getting employed in Wales today. The Council's policy is that we only appoint employees to our Call Centres and Customer Centres who can speak Welsh and English. It is important that those who answer the phone and deal with queries face to face with the public can speak their preferred language."
Llinos Evans, Policy and Partnership Officer, Carmarthenshire County Council

Bilingual skills could be useful for any job but especially those involving communicating with people. The Welsh Assembly Government has identified six priority areas where demand for people with bilingual skills is most likely to increase. However, the ability to use Welsh can be a useful skill no matter what area of work you choose. 

Welsh is one of a whole range of skills that employers may be looking for. 

Have a look at our employer case studies and listen to some podcasts to find out what real employers think of Welsh language skills.

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