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'I have heard that 60% of jobs are not advertised - how to I get to find one of the jobs that are not advertised in papers or on Jobcentre plus?'

  • Find out for yourself One of the first things you need to do is to network. This means telling family and friends that you are looking for a job and the type of work you would like to do.  You will also need to keep up contact with anyone who says ‘I will let you know if something comes up!’ Don’t let them forget you.
    Have a look at Network! Network! Network!
  • If you want to work locally get to know the type of companies and industries that are based around you. You can find out a lot on line. Try searching for industrial estates in your area – or as far afield as you are prepared to travel.  Try to find a map of each estate that has company names listed.  Find out what they do. Many companies, even small ones, have web sites.  Is there anywhere where your skills and abilities might fit in? Ask around and try to find someone who has links with a few of the companies. It is well worth asking how they recruit staff. Keep doing this and keep spreading your net wider.
  • In the current economic climate sending out your CV to a large number of companies is not really effective.  You must still keep your CV up to date.  This means that as soon as you hear of a vacancy you can send your CV straight away.
  • Are you keeping an eye on the local press? Free and community newspapers often have news about up and coming local companies. Is there any good news about a local company? Check it out. If the company has won a new order or is expanding they may be taking on staff. This could be the time to send your CV.

Doing these things will make you an active job seeker and requires effort and commitment.  Keeping this level of activity up is not easy – and rejection can be very demotivating.  Try to keep going.

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