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What is Jobs Growth Wales?

What is Jobs Growth Wales imageJobs Growth Wales is a six months opportunity in a job paid
at least the National Minimum Wage

It is all really well organised and you will have a contract written by the employer.

The job market at the moment is really tough. This programme is to help you if you are job-ready
and just need a chance to gain the work experience you may be lacking, the vital work experience that might be
holding you back from getting your first job.

If you have a disability or face other barriers you can get additional help and mentoring while you are in the job.

You will need to provide a referral letter from either Job Centre Plus (if you are aged 18-24), or from Careers Wales (if you are aged 16-17) to show you are eligible. See the Jobs Growth Wales evidence requirements you will need.

Jobs Growth Wales is funded by the Welsh Government with the support of the European Social Fund. This investment will support the creation of thousands of new job opportunities for 16-24 year olds.

  • Who can apply?

    You can apply for Jobs Growth Wales jobs if you can say: 

    • I am 16-24
    • I have not fully completed a Jobs Growth Wales programme before
    • I live in Wales
    • I am not in employment (Evidence letter required. Please see the Jobs Growth Wales evidence requirements). 16&17 year olds please contact Careers Wales. Over 18's must be registered with the Job Centre as unemployed, seeking work and being supported by a Work Coach. A Job Centre referral letter will be required as evidence BEFORE a vacancy is applied for
    • I have not been referred to/or are taking part in the Work Programme or Work Choice Programme (Check with your Jobcentre Plus adviser)
    • I am not in full time education
    • I am not on a Welsh Government work-based learning programme


    You will need to provide documents to demonstrate the above and prove you are eligible to be part of the Jobs Growth Wales Programme.

    You will need to provide evidence of:

    Your ‘unemployed’ status depending on your age:

    • 16-17 year olds Jobs Growth Wales referral letter from Careers Wales - Please contact Careers Wales
    • 18-24 year olds Jobs Growth Wales referral letter from Jobcentre Plus –Please contact your work coach


    • Your National Insurance (NI) number e.g. National Insurance card or letter from the HMRC or DWP


    One of the following for evidence of legal right to live and work in the UK:

    • Full passport (EU Member State)

    • Full passport (not EU Member State):

    o Passport either endorsed ‘indefinite leave to remain – proceed’ (settled status) orincludes work or residency permits or visa stamps (unexpired) and all relatedconditions met
     o Some non-EEA nationals may have an Identity Card issued by the Home Officein place of a visa, confirming the individual’s right to stay, work or study in the UK– these cards are acceptable

    • Letter from the UK Immigration and Nationality Directorate granting ‘indefinite leave toremain’ (settled status)

    • Birth/ adoption certificate (EU Member State)

    • Residency permits for foreign nationals (usually in passport)

    • Marriage/ civil partnership certificate (if partner has legal right to live in the UK and this can be evidenced)


    One of the following as evidence of your age – proof that you are 16-24 years old:

    • Birth certificate

    • Full driving licence (EU)

    • Full passport

    • National Identity Card (EU)

    • Firearms certificate/ Shotgun licence

    • Employment contract/ payslip (if date of birth quoted)

    • Pension statement (if date of birth quoted)

    • Evidence that in receipt of age-related state benefits

    • Letter/ confirmation from educational institution (if applicable)


    One of the following for evidence of your address and prove you live in Wales:

    • Tenancy agreement/documents

    • Mortgage statement/correspondence

    • Recent statement from bank/building society/credit card company/credit union

    • Recent utility bill or council tax demand/correspondence

    • Evidence of registration on electoral roll

    • Correspondence from employer/pension scheme

    • Full driving licence (EU)

    • Firearms certificate/Shotgun licence

    • Letter/confirmation from home owner (family/lodging)

    • Benefits/State Pension notification letter

    • HMRC correspondence

    • Rent card/statement

    • Solicitor’s correspondence


  • What could I do on Jobs Growth Wales?

    Lots of different jobs, have a look at the range of vacancies.  New jobs and employers are advertising every day so keep looking.

  • What will I get paid?

    This is up to your employer but you will of course receive no less than the national minimum wage the national minimum wage.
  • How do I find a vacancy?

    Go to our search page and choose ‘Jobs Growth Wales’ vacancies.
  • How do I apply for a vacancy?

    Search for vacancies that interest you and follow the link to the online application process. 

    • You need to be registered on the site to use this  
    • You need to confirm you are eligible to apply for job opportunities
    • Log in and complete all the sections in Your Profile
    • Once you are happy you will be able to submit your application
    • The employer will send you emails letting you know what is going to happen next
    • You can keep track of your applications in my vacancies
  • Who should I call if I want some support with my online application?

    Have a look at our online advice:

    Or ring us on 0800 028 4844.
    If you are having problems with the online application form you can call our technical support line on 0845 434 8334.

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