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Finding a job is a tough business - but there is a lot you can do to give yourself the best chance of success. Stay motivated and follow our advice on job seeking.

  • Where should I start looking?

    Job Centre Plus and Careers Wales are good places to start. Both offer free services so employers use them to advertise vacancies – both full and part time.

    Job Centre Plus

    • Job Centre Plus use their website Universal Jobmatch to advertise vacancies. You will need to register on Universal Jobmatch to apply for jobs, but you can view the jobs without registering. 
    • If you are registered unemployed with Job Centre Plus you may also be able to access support from Job Centre Plus advisers. Advisers will also be able to tell you about government training programmes and initiatives that can help you find work. Find out more at If you are wanting to make a new claim for benefits through Job Centre Plus please phone: 0800 055 6688, Textphone: 08000234888, Welsh Language: 0800 012 1888, Monday to Friday 8am-6pm.

    Careers Wales  

    • Careers Wales advertise Apprenticeships and Jobs Growth Wales vacancies. There are also a selection of other vacancies advertised on our site. Visit our vacancy pages or contact us to find out what is available. 
    • Access guidance and advice about your future and get help with applying for jobs. Contact us for help or browse our website for information and advice on job seeking. 
  • How can friends, family and other contacts help me?

    • Lots of vacancies are filled through networking.  Ask friends, relatives and neighbours if they know of any vacancies – especially if they work somewhere that interests you.  
    • Make sure that you tell them which type of work you are interested in – and even give them a copy of your CV.


  • Why use a recruitment agency?

    • Agencies will have access to jobs which may not be advertised by Jobcentre Plus or newspapers. The agency earns a fee for filling a vacancy so it is in their interest to help you get work. Some agencies hold jobs for particular types of workers e.g. builders or ICT staff. Others have a wide range of jobs available. Some agencies hold temporary work vacancies. Doing some temporary work can be a good way to get some experience under your belt.
    • You will not need to pay the agency any money – even if they find you a job. You can register with as many agencies as you like. For added security look for a trade registered agency
  • What about the internet?

    There are lots of online recruitment sites – you need to find the ones most relevant to you.  Some of the bigger job sites will let you complete a CV on their site than try to match you to suitable jobs. Other sites let you say which areas of work you are interested in and will email you if any vacancies arise. Make sure you keep your on line CV up to date.

    There are lots of recruitment sites around - sites – here are a few examples

    • Large national companies such as Tesco and Amazon also have their own web sites where they advertise jobs. If you have an employer in mind, it is worth checking out their site.


  • Can I find work through social networking sites?


    • Facebook is a key place where you can make useful contacts. First of all –let friends and contacts know that you are looking for a job. Ask them to get in touch if they hear of any opportunities. If you are working and looking for a job change be aware that any of your current colleagues who are your friends (and maybe your boss) can see your profile. You will need to be discreet.
    • Other sites, like LinkedIn, are aimed at professionals who want to make contact online. Join groups relevant to your interests and experience and do some online networking to find out about jobs.
  • Do employers still advertise jobs in newspapers and magazines?

    • Quite a few employers still advertise their vacancies in newspapers. Most newspapers have a set day of the week for job adverts. 
    • Some professions have their own magazines or journals and these often advertise jobs. Many now have their own websites. Check this out with your trade or professional body.


Top tips on how to find jobs

  • If you are registered with an on line vacancy site – keep your on line CV up to date.
  • Tidy up your on line profile – more and more employers are now checking job applicants Facebook profile.
  • It’s worth checking out notice boards in shops and shop windows for vacancy information.
  • Yahoo groups is also useful for networking with other professionals
  • Check out our leaflet on networking.

How to search for jobs online

Skills to Succeed Academy
Get job search and employment skills by using the Skills to Succeed Academy.  Register by contacting us on 0800 028 4844 or visiting one of our Careers Centres  

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