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Is school for me?

Return to school image Most people return to school because they want to gain more or better qualifications at a place that they know and where they are known by their teachers and other pupils.
Sixth forms offer a range of courses;  A and AS levels in traditional subjects, like Chemistry, French and Geography, together with work-related courses such as Business Studies, Leisure and Tourism or Health and Social Care.
You may be able to study some subjects or courses at your school, and others at another school, a local college or in the workplace. This widens the choice of subjects that you can consider.

What is it like?

  • If you return to your present school, you will be in a familiar place with pupils and teachers who you already know. If go to different school, you’ll need to get used to a new building, teachers and pupils, but it’s more than likely you’ll soon make new friends.
  • You’ll have ‘free’ lessons but you’ll be expected to spend that time in the library studying hard.
  • You may be given more responsibility by the school and you will get involved in sports or community-based activities as part of the Welsh Baccalaureate qualification.

Check it out

  • Get your parents involved, you will need their support.
  • If thinking of another school,
    • Visit, walk the corridors and get an idea of its atmosphere.
    • Speak with the head teacher and relevant teachers
  • Attend the sixth form events and courses. Check the school’s web site or ask in school about the dates.
  • Read the Sixth Form prospectus to see what is on offer. You could also search the Courses in Wales database.
  • Check out the information in  ‘What A-Levels do Universities Want’.
  • If you’re unsure of the differences between Levels and Qualifications, our Qualifications Wheel will help explain them.
  • Check that you are likely to meet the entry requirements are for the courses you’re interested in.
  • Discuss the detail of the courses you are thinking of taking with the teachers who teach them. Check that the syllabus really interests you.
  • Find the teacher who is in charge of the sixth form, they will be able to support you as you choose your courses.
  • Talk to Sixth Form students who are currently studying the courses that appeal to you about the subjects. Ask your tutor to arrange for some sixth formers to come along and talk to your class or even that you sit in on a lesson.
  • Talk to your Careers Adviser about where the courses you are considering fit into your career plans.
  • Don’t just choose this option, check out the others too.

Help and advice

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