Applying for higher education and clearing

applying higher ed 

So how do I apply for a higher education course?

Full time degree courses

For most full time undergraduate higher education courses you will apply via UCAS (Universities and Colleges Admissions service). You will need to become familiar with their website.  The website will help you get to know the UCAS system so that you can find out more about degree courses and make your application.

Part time and post graduate courses

For part time higher education courses you will need to apply directly to universities and colleges. You will also need to apply directly for some postgraduate courses. Check university and college prospectuses via their websites for details.

Other ‘specialist’ admission systems

UCAS provides specialist admissions services for certain courses. These sit outside the main UCAS application system. They include:

  • Practice-based music courses: If you are interested in applying for one of the practice- based practice courses run at UK music conservatories you may need to apply through UCAS Conservatoires.
  • Post graduate teacher training: If you are a graduate (or in your last year of a degree course) and wish to train as a teacher you will need to apply for post graduate teacher training via UCAS Teacher Training.
  • Post graduate courses:  A large number of universities use UCAS Postgraduate to take applications to post graduate courses.


What is Clearing?

Clearing is the process by which people who haven't been offered a place by the end of August try to find one at universities and colleges that still have vacancies.

Clearing is available -

  1. To applicants who have not received an offer of a place after applying through UCAS  or those who have refused all the offers they have received.
  2. To applicants who have been turned down by their firm and insurance offers.
  3. To applicants who apply late i.e. after 30th June. If you decide to apply after 30th June you need to contact UCAS. You will be asked to complete an application form and apply through clearing.

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