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We will help clients to become more effective at planning and managing their careers over time, recognising that career management no longer consists of a one-off occupational choice, but rather a series of lifelong career transitions. Improving the career management skills and competencies of clients will enable them to make these transitions more smoothly, enjoy a higher level of career satisfaction and play a more active part in the economy and in their communities.

Our bilingual services will be available to all but will be promoted to, and focussed on, those in greatest need of support. We will deliver independent and impartial careers information, advice and guidance (CIAG) to young people and adults: face-to-face; over the telephone; and online. We will also work in partnership with stakeholders to deliver a range of related services, including:

  • Facilitation of links between employers, schools and colleges to enrich students’ understanding of the world of work
  • Capacity building to support schools with the Careers and World of Work (CWoW) curriculum, including through our Quality Mark
  • Specialist support for young people with additional learning needs
  • A career coaching, referral and job placing service for unemployed 16 and 17 year olds to support them into learning, training and work
  • Delivery of strategic projects, such as:

    • Jobs Growth Wales
    • Apprenticeship Matching Service (AMS)
    • The Common Area Prospectus (CAP) online prospectus, supporting the introduction and roll out of the new Youth Guarantee

  • Support to other Welsh Government strategic projects, including:

    • ReACT - redundancy support programme for adults;
    • Lead worker role for Tier 3 of the Youth Engagement and Progression Framework (YEPF) Five Tier Model; and
    • Annual destinations survey of young people leaving education and training at 16,17 and 18.

The detail underpinning our service delivery is described in policy documents and Regional Delivery Plans. Our external services are supported by a range of key Central/Corporate Services, such as Business Improvement, Finance and Facilities, Human Resources (HR), Information Communications Technology (ICT), and Information and Marketing.

The requirements for our services are set out in our annual remit letter and its technical annex, which are underpinned by the Articles of Association for CCDG and the Framework Document between the Welsh Government and CCDG. 

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